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At Elevated, we strive to provide an insurance service that is superior to the industry standard. Our core focus is helping our clients achieve their goals, and we focus intensively on serving our neighbors via a service that encourages self-growth & fantastic insurance.

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At Elevated Insurance, we believe that our community is the heart of our mission, and we want to make sure our heart beats strong! That is why we make a commitment to help it grow! These are some of the organizations we are committed to working with!

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We are deeply committed to being active in our community! Here is what's coming up.

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Beer Books and Networking: Pt 2
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We strive to offer our clients more than great insurance!

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Stack Your Jacksons

We would rather pay our clients than a marketing firm. Here are the local businesses we reward our clients with when they refer us.

Stack Your Jacksons


Communication is the backbone to any strong relationship. We share how we're serving clients and the community, and we're always just a RE: away from answers.

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